Domaine Charmasson Balazu des Vaussieres



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Rich, spicy, fruity and almost crunchy! Amazing.

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REGION: Tavel, France

VARIETIES: Grenache, Mourvedre, Carignan, Syrah




YEAR: 2012


Whilst we do strongly believe in the principles of looking after the environment when people make wine, and prefer organic wines wherever possible, we've never wanted to compromise on quality when selecting which wines to stock. So when one of our partners presented this wine, which is about as natural as it gets (to give you an idea, they left the standard Demeter Biodynamic certifying body as they felt they weren't strict enough...), we were a little hesitant. Often, no-added sulphur wines just don't live up to our expectations. We were proved incredibly wrong with this amazing wine. It seems to come alive in the mouth, with so much fruit it's almost like crunching on ripe berries.




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